I’m excited to say that I’ll be moving to San Francisco to join the startup family at Firehose as a Product Lead to design the platform's online education experience. I'm grateful to be included in this small, passionate team committed to reinventing education to help driven people move the world forward. 

Aziz Ansari hosted “Saturday Night Live” last night; Big Sean was the musical guest. During his opening monologue, Ansari addressed the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump, comparing his supporters to Chris Brown fans who like his music but don't support his “extracurriculars.” “Donald Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics,” he said, “and ‘Make America Great Again’ is his ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.’” 

Thank You for the Three Years at Greycork

It’s bittersweet to say that I am leaving Greycork on January 1, 2017. It will have been three years since I reluctantly connected with John and Bruce, back when Greycork was just a weekly Google Hangout brainstorming session with a medley of friends and strangers, and when I was for a brief moment in time known as the first intern. If there are two things that being a founder of this company has taught me, it’s to have a smart sense of humor and an endless gratitude for the people who surround you.

An old coach from back in his VIS days always told him that people have the capacity to be 100% committed to only two and a quarter (2¼) things at one time.  If you try to fit any more in something will have to be sacrificed.  For most of us, work takes up one point, wife and kids take up another point, and you have a quarter of a point left to play with.  You can see why competitive cycling is a young man’s game.

Greycork — Several anecdotes about luck and how Felix was designed

For the people who want to see past the lofty designer jargon, the genuine explanation is we decided on the name seven months after all the pieces were designed, because the name felt right at the time. But as you can imagine, people unattached to a decisive moment like this have a hard time understanding an answer like that. They might describe it as impulsive or even careless. It’s this sort of flawed reasoning over a decision based on a mindset, that makes luck so elusive to some.