Design sprint for a fictional Craigslist Real Estate App

This is a quick exercise on my process on tackling a design challenge. Here I practice a few of my skills on how I: empathize with users and identify their needs, provide a solution that meets business needs, illustrate effective interaction design solutions, and communicate why the design solution is successful.


Craigslist Real Estate App Challenge

1 Hour: Review the product landscape. Gather inspiration by visiting the Craigslist website, third-party Craigslist mobile apps, or other competitive services that provide an analogous experience.

1 Hour: Identify Betty’s core activities on Craigslist. Identify recommended capabilities for supporting Betty in a mobile Craigslist app. Select one of these capabilities to explore in more detail. 

2-4 Hours: Convey Betty’s overall experience. Consider Betty’s professional needs, Craigslist’s goals as a company, and any other relevant factors. Create a visually represented screen flow