I spent a few too many hours searching for the right Drake quote for this moment, and I think this may be the one:

Don’t switch on me, I got big plans #morelife

Life update: I’m excited to say that I’ll be moving to San Francisco to join the startup family at Firehose as a Product Lead to design the platform's online education experience. I'm grateful to be included in this small, passionate team committed to reinventing education to help driven people move the world forward. 

My old friends from Boston, Marco and Ken, believe that the online education model has been imperfect, yet they see it as the model for the future. In 2014, they started Firehose to help others learn to code on the weekends, and since then it has developed into a unique teaching approach: immediate support, peer-learning at scale, 1-to-1 mentorship, access to experts, and most importantly the right content, at the right time, in the right medium. 

And they are already making an impact on people’s lives, with partnerships like the volunteer-led organization called Refugee on Rails based in Germany, where the country reportedly faces a dearth for technical talent, to help refugees prepare for gainful employment as software developers by giving them the tools to learn how to code, and with the Obama White House as an official TechHire Partner for 2017 to give over $1 million dollars in scholarships to help break down the barriers to quality technical education and fix the industry’s diversity problem.

I will also be joining Brandon Tyson in Los Angeles to invest time towards building our own creative studio, Babel. We hope to create meaningful work that will transcend across languages, so keep an eye out, you’ll hear more from us soon!

I look forward to being here in California, and to be living my design beliefs of bringing people together through effective learning and communication. With Firehose Project, I am thrilled to guide the team in design thinking, and to improve the product in ways that make it accessible for real people around the world to successfully advance their skills and their careers.

I guess it’s time to replace my New Hampshire license and plates.

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