Hyper Reading

“Humanities scholars turn to digital media, they confront technologies that operate on vastly different time scales, and in significantly different cognitive modes, than human understanding.”

How Do We Think? 

-N. Katherine Hayles, 2012

Our attention spans are getting shorter. With our iPhones and Androids in our pockets and our laptop screens open, while we accustom ourselves to looking down to screens of light, while we replace handwriting with typing, while we condense conversations into 140 characters, while we text over calling each other, while we post about a moment over enjoying it, while we replace paper with devices, the nature of humans is changing as technologies are making us more efficient.

We are embodying new web interactions and extending our cognitions. From learning how to read, and learning how to read differently, web interactions make us experience the internet in ways we never have in any other context. From a mouse and it’s cursor comes the touch screen and it’s features: finger print scanners, swiping, scrolling, typing, dragging, pinch, spread, shake, hold, bump, etc.

- Coca-Cola Social Media Guard / Obvious enough?

Although, it saddens me that we are losing the rich experience of investing time into long form writing in a time when people want instant information by choosing quantity over the quality of data. But I believe there will be a social change with the use of the internet in the coming years. As technology continues to advance and new ways of digesting this information emerge, our habits will change again. And I’ll think positively - that technology will make us more human.


- Newsweek / The end of the beginning.

There will be people who will resist this change and hold on to the past - and for good reason - but just hang on. What we all need to accept is that these new habits that we have adopted are not permanent. The technology is still very young and people are still learning how to use it. The internet is just the beginning of how we communicate and only with time will terms like “social media” will meet it’s fate like “magazines” did.