Tailspin is a work done with Flash, it’s main story is about the relationship of a father, daughter and grandchildren and the emotions that are building up in them as their relationship progresses. The characters have conflicts and the reader can feel the tension that is building up around them. The piece combines images and different levels of sounds to help the viewer identify with the man that is partially deaf and with tinnitus. This piece masterfully creates the ambiance for the reader to feel identified with the characters. There are animations that dance around that screen that makes us think of the grandchildren playing around then there are strong sounds that end all playfulness and evoke a painful past. Wilks does an amazing job at taking the viewer through the different emotions and the different story parts. The story is constructed in an interactive fashion. There are swirls that appear in the screen and the viewer may view the story in whichever order. The reader may view the story in a different order each time, but every single piece has to be seen otherwise the work will not progress to the next section of the story.  This technique takes away the linearity and gives the reader a more interactive piece.


- Tailspin / One of eight stories.

Wilks is an author that plays well with sounds, images and texts. She creates an atmosphere for the viewer not only to understand the story, but to feel it, in order to truly sympathize with the characters. Although we can see that she has a defined style, it is still refreshing and different. It is thought provoking, as well as emotive. Her style is one that works with more than just with what can be seen taking her work to a higher level by evoking what can be felt.

- A