It’s been over six years since I stepped into the world of startups.

In the beginning — I’ve crowdfunded Radish, the first organic food truck in Rhode Island, formed the brand identity for Jana, the largest provider of free internet in emerging markets, and collaborated on a multi-disciplinary strategy team for The Daily Beast, the award-winning publisher of original bipartisan reporting in politics — all before my graduation from RISD.

The learnings from these hands-on experiences informed my education path in Industrial and Product Design, and revealed how systems thinking and human-centered design can be applied at the intersection of design, technology, and social impact. Woven together, it has allowed me to think beyond screens and apply those digital experiences into real solutions for simpler, clearer, and more connected services and businesses.

After graduation from RISD, I became a founder at Greycork — the furniture company that makes it easier to move homes by providing furniture shipped in a box and assembled in minutes with no tools. I was committed to building our business from the ground up to innovate the online furniture retail experience and the value and supply chain.

After three years at Greycork, I became a director at Firehose Project — the education company that transforms people’s careers by providing experiential education for tomorrow’s world. I was committed to building an innovative business model for a digital learning ecosystem that sets the standard for vocational education.

I believe in bringing people together through effective learning and communication.

“Make less, connect more,” I often tell myself. It has served as a personal mantra when approaching complex challenges, and has helped me translate abstract concepts into tangible prototypes. The moment when it all clicks — it makes me smile every time.

If it sounds like we could get along, I'd love for us to work together. Please reach out to me at