Alec is a systems and user-focused designer living in Oakland, California.


He has 6 years of experience designing visual solutions and leading strategic change for product and brand teams at startups.

After graduation from RISD, he cofounded Greycork — the digital flatpack furniture company named Forbes 30 Under 30 and featured in New York Times, Core77, and Fast Company. Currently, he is innovating on a creative venture studio approach with select clients.

He finds impact in his mission to make creative confidence the status quo, and sees technology as the tool for empowerment. He believes learning organizations are critical for achieving a circular economy.

As a son of a nurse and engineer, he was raised to value and care for people's wellness and growth. Growing in New Hampshire, he enjoys cycling adventures and racing up hills. He also reads, writes, draws, and asks himself loaded questions.

How can we illustrate a brand promise to empower the traveler?

Right Time, Right Price — Hopper
Logo Design • Brand Identity

How can we attract talent to a manufacturing brand?

Find Shelter — North Atlantic
Logo Design • Brand Identity

How can we give a flatpack furniture brand a soul?

Go Home or Go Big — Greycork
Brand Strategy • Creative Direction

How can we make it easier for people to set up and live with furniture?

Keep the Couch — Greycork
Product Management • Research


How can we simplify how people purchase furniture when moving?

Empower the Mover — Greycork
Product Design • Visual Design

How can we reimagine the role of retail for a local community?

Night in the Showroom — Greycork
Service Design • Partnerships

How can we design a scalable education platform?

Ship Cohorts, Not Code — Firehose Project
Product Design • Brand Strategy

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If you're curious about the projects above or want to connect, shoot me a note at alec.babala@gmail.com